About us

About us

Aizant® is an integrated drug development solutions provider. Aizant was established by experienced pharmaceutical professionals with global exposure.
We are a rapidly growing formulation CDMO and CRO with a diverse portfolio of capabilities partnering with health care companies specializing in new molecular entities (NME’s), generics (ANDA’s) and over the counter (OTC’s) products globally.
We add exponential value to our clients R&D programs at every stage of drug development right from the discovery of the molecule to commercialization and subsequent life cycle management. We are the vital link between the pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry.


To be a global leader for formulation development, bio studies and commercial manufacturing solutions


  • Pursuit of excellence through science and technology
  • Agile team withopen communication & honouring deliverables
  • Environmentally and socially responsible research


  • Innovation
  • People
  • Learning
  • Quality

What’s in Name?

“Aizant” is derived from the name “Aizan”, Caribbean goddess of healing
The " cross " in the middle resembles the bird in flight signifying freedom
The " blue " arc represents our positive attitude
The " arrow " head represents growth
Our logo as a whole signifies our global experience and standards
The circular walls are our four values: Innovation, People, Learning and Quality